I’m gay. So what.

I found the camera cable–or rather, my dear sweet boyfriend found it, in amongst his various electronic cables. Ahem. So the promised pictures are coming very soon.

You know, I take for granted that all of you read the previous paragraph and are still reading, rather than shuddering and fleeing to someone else’s site or closing the browser entirely and rushing away from the computer. I take it for granted and I shouldn’t. When I’m here I don’t even think about whether I’m accepted, “tolerated” or embraced.

There is a video making the rounds. (No, this is definitely not Music to Knit By.) You’ll find it below. I found it, shall we say, insightful.


Well, wasn’t that bracing! I wish I could say that was shocking or astonishing or mindboggling, but the truth is for middle-aged gay men like me, this is all old news. Sadly. These statements, and the people who make them, seem to have been around since the dawn of time.

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I am looking…

…for my little black camera cable, the one that hooks it up to the computer. Does one of you have it? I think you do. When I find it (likely tonight), I will post a photo of the Baby-Surprise-Jacket in progress–it’s already looking very strange–as well as a pic of the special treats that Asif brought back from Sydney, and that are rapidly disappearing.

Yes, we’re all waiting for the new Knitty to come out. No, I have no idea–Amy had to travel this weekend, which probably put the publishing process in suspended animation for a little while. She’ll git’er done, I promise.

I did my taxes. I’m getting a nice big four-digit refund. I just felt I had to say that.

Because I just don’t have enough to do, I joined my first and (I hope) only MMORPG–no, no World of Warcraft. Puzzle Pirates. Yes, pirates and puzzles–how can you go wrong? It’s quite charming and funny, nobody dies, and the puzzles are genuinely challenging. I am a pirate in training named Peg Boy Pete (the definition of the pirate term ‘Peg Boy’ is XXX-rated, and rather disturbing, so I won’t be linking to it here), and I have a little shack on an island and I spend my time training with the Navy and then using my skills to go pillaging with whatever crew will have me. I say “Arrr!” a lot. This game was made for me.

Oh, and in other news–more snow. “Arrr!” indeed.

Finally, the exceedingly clever people at Improv Everywhere–the group responsible for ‘the frozen people in Grand Central Station‘, ‘the shirtless men shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch‘, ‘meet a black person‘ and ‘slow motion at Home Depot‘, among so many others–bring us their latest performance spectacle: