Surprising your boyfriend at Christmas.

Asif's Christmas Surprise - 1

When Asif came home yesterday morning after an all-nighter from San Francisco, he found me napping in his apartment and this on his dining room table.

He has always been fond of the cream teas that we’ve had in our travels around the world (Hong Kong, Dubai, here in Toronto) so I thought I would recreate one for him.

Everything on the table, except for my champagne flutes, are part of his present–including the plate stand, the star-shaped dessert tray and bowls, the red and silver plates, the placemats, the candles, the candle tray, the appetizer forks and knives, little ramekins for clotted cream and jams, and of course all of the sandwiches, chocolate truffles, cookies and biscuits. (Pier One, Pottery Barn, Dufflets and Godiva made a mint off of me this year.) One surprise that is really no surprise–I didn’t get his machine-knit sweater done in time–but Ukrainian Christmas is just around the corner! :)

I got some wonderful Christmas surprises as well–including some excellent things for the kitchen (a rolling pin you can chill by filling with cold water, among other lovely stuff)…and the promise of a Nintendo Wii once the stores receive a decent shipment of them, sometime in January.

Best wishes to all of you, and hopes for a terrific and productive 2007. Now…where is that lace scarf?

12 thoughts on “Surprising your boyfriend at Christmas.

  1. Woooooaaaaah, you’re such a good boyfriend! (feels like dogmeat for never pampering my guy) That looks simply amazing.

    About the Wii’s – got one earlier, but paid a premium. I hear there are many sold on Ebay, and the price has come down to retail or near-retail levels (darned Wii speculators! Were these people real estate investors, or what?!) if you get impatient.

  2. I finally got aroudn to reading the winter addition of knitty. I loved your article, so i thought i would poke around your blog.

    Also my boyfriend bought a Wii from the store he works at and they are spectacular. I have 71 hours of game play on just the new zelda game… between the wii and knitting my social life is suffering.

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